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About Cheryl Stein

  In 1984 Cheryl Stein began her career as a real estate agent.   At that time she was looking for a meaningful and satisfying profession.  In the past twenty-five years, Cheryl’s business has turned into one of the most successful stories of any realtor in the Wynmoor area.

Over the years, Cheryl has achieved awards and accolades that many other real estate professionals merely dream of, such as being awarded the New Associate Award and Rookie of the Year as well as the Women’s Council of Realtors Multi-Million Dollar Producer every year.

However, awards and honors are not what make a good agent, and Cheryl understands that.  Besides her Relocation Specialist, Senior Specialist, and Appraiser training, Cheryl constantly receives instruction and certification in a wide variety of fields pertaining to her profession.  Her combination of lifelong experience, extensive training, and a driving passion has made it possible for her to help buyers find their perfect property and, likewise, help sellers market their property for a successful sale.

Throughout her career Cheryl has had the pleasure of helping hundreds of clients realize their dreams of either finding their first home within Wynmoor or improving their current living arrangements for the better.  With each passing year and successful connections, Cheryl continues to meet new people and constantly learns new, important facts and regulations about her growing profession.  She takes that knowledge and uses it to her clients’ best advantage, providing them with all the information they will need during what may possibly be a confusing and somewhat difficult time.  

With the real estate landscape constantly changing, clients in today’s market need an agent who is informed and aware of day-to-day economic conditions, and that is one of Cheryl’ s main assets.  With a positive attitude, she reminds her clients to stay optimistic and not to get wrapped up in what the national news media may be saying.  She also reminds clients that the woes of the rest of the country are not necessarily the woes of Wynmoor, as this small Floridian town has a stable yet growing job market with an extremely low unemployment rate--all qualities that shield Wynmoor from some of the financial sorrows and heartaches that others may be experiencing.

A three-decade resident of the area herself, Cheryl knows of no other community like Wynmoor.  She has raised two daughters within Coconut Creek’s borders and has been blessed with four grandchildren, all of whom live nearby.  Such a large, close family is evidence enough that this town can provide for all.  Whether starting a new family or simply looking for a better place for an existing one, Coconut Creek is one of the best areas anywhere in the great state of Florida . 

  With Cheryl Stein on your side, you can be certain that you will find exactly the kind of honesty, trustworthiness, and detailed persistence you would expect from a realtor in this lovely community. As Cheryl says herself, “Don’t make a move without me. ” and when you begin to work closely with her, you will definitely see that her advice is a good move to make!


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Cheryl Stein & Wendy Peck
Cheryl Stein & Wendy Peck
Mother/Daughter Team Home Office in Wynmoor
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